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Generally, students in grades Pre-K through 5 meet for music with Mr. Iocco once a week for 50 minutes. Students sing, move, play instruments, express music, and create it. Each class provides a fun and engaging way for children to explore the conventions of rhythm and pitch---the building blocks of music---through a varied repertoire of songs and activities. There are countless opportunities for musicians to perform solo or in an ensemble. Aural skills are honed through critical listening and intellect is sharpened through class discussions. Please read the Music Newsletters (see below) for more information about the skills and concepts covered.


Class is broken up into the nine basic components of music education (source: National Association for Music Education): singing, performing on instruments, improvising, composing, reading music notation, analyzing and describing music, evaluating musical performances, relating music to other disciplines, and relating music to its history and culture.

Partner Rhythm Puzzle

Partner Rhythm Puzzle

Orff Orchestra

Orff Orchestra

The "Triangle Tangle"

The "Triangle Tangle"

Singing about Squirrels

Singing about Squirrels

Composing 4-beat Rhythms

Composing 4-beat Rhythms

"Let Us Chase the Squirrel" song

"Let Us Chase the Squirrel" song

Peace Space

Peace Space

2nd Grade Composer

2nd Grade Composer

4th Grade Guitar Players

4th Grade Guitar Players

Expressing Gratitude Together

Expressing Gratitude Together

Advanced Rhythm Writing

Advanced Rhythm Writing

Reciting our "Golden Words"

Reciting our "Golden Words"

1st Graders Provide Accompaniment

1st Graders Provide Accompaniment

Pre-K Instrumentalists

Pre-K Instrumentalists

Guitar Composition

Guitar Composition

Building 4-Beat Rhythms

Building 4-Beat Rhythms

Singing "The Three Little Pigs" Song

Singing "The Three Little Pigs" Song


Pre-K/K - musical concepts; music immersion; classroom instruments, singing games

Grade 1 - solo singing and playing; intro to music notation; intro to the Orff orchestra

Grade 2 - music theory; folk songs; Orff orchestra; program music

Grade 3 - the orchestra/families of instruments; world music, jazz

Grade 4 - music literacy; soprano recorder; master composers; genres of music

Grade 5 - chorus; experimental music; class performances (Showcase)

Music Goals Spell Good H-A-B-I-Ts

All musicians are assessed according to the following goals, which each lesson aims to address:


  • Do your best

  • Have fun

  • Respect others

  • Help others


  • Feel the music

  • Express the music

  • Create your own music

  • Share the music with someone else



  • Speak in rhythm

  • Sing in rhythm

  • Play in rhythm

  • Move in rhythm


  • Know how to read music 

  • Have smart conversations about music

  • Learn about the history of music

  • Create and defend your own opinions about musical performances

  • Understand how music fits into the world around you


  • Sing on pitch

  • Play the right notes

  • Know lots of tunes

  • Find your own voice and make it the best it can be

*The terms "Tuneful, Beatful, Artful" are adapted from the work of John Feierabend - author, educator, staff developer, and leading authority on early childhood music.

NYSSMA Solo Festival

P.S. 116 has been participating in NYSSMA Solo Festival since 2014.  It was established to provide young musicians with experience performing for a trained adjudicator on an instrument or voice.  Students receive feedback in the form of written comments that will help them to grow and improve as performers.  All students in grades 1-5 are eligible, but they must prepare an approved solo from the NYSSMA manual with their private teacher (see below).

Private Teachers

There are a number of private instrumental and voice teachers in our community. Available space in each studio is not guaranteed, and you will need to contact the teacher for further information. If you are a private teacher and wish to be listed below, please contact Mr. Iocco


Brian Kennedy

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Musical Theatre: Voice

(818) 486-0586 

Nicholas DiMaria


(315) 753-2647

Natalia Huang Piano Studio

(917) 698-1005


Alicia Rau 

Trumpet, Piano

Matthew Beland


(203) 710-7470

James Lindsay
Piano, Composition
(917) 673-3685


Adam Strum


(917) 502-4157


Samantha Jeffreys

Voice, Vocal/Theatre Coaching & Audition Preparation

(917) 538-7252


James LaRosa



Craig McGorry


Madeline Hannah

Voice, Beginning Piano, Early Childhood Music
(216) 543-4894

...and others!

  • Visit to search by zip code for teachers and helpful information (such as lesson rates, teacher ratings, and reviews).​

  • Complete a short survey on and receive an email or text message with information about private music instructors in your area!

Classic American Folk Songs for Kids

Second Grade Singing Unit

  • Yankee Doodle

  • She'll Be  Comin' 'Round the Mountain

  • I've Been Working on the Railroad

  • Oh, Susanna!

  • Clementine

  • Home on the Range

  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home

  • Oh Shenandoah

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

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